This website is dedicated to our founders Sr. Agnes Kunze (Mataji) & Mr. Pierre Reyniers (Bhaiji)

Welcome to KKM (Kuru Kshetr Mandal) Handweaving Society

KKM Handweaving (Kuru Kshetr Mandal) a center for Rehabilitating of Leprosy affected people. Where Medical services and Rehabilitation services are encouraged and provided for the People living in the Center. It is a home for the Lepers where they are helped to not live as a suffering community, whereas well looked after, cared for body and soul alike, guided to lead a moral life and to avoid idleness and mischief, help to work a little, according to their limited abilities.

The Society was started by a joint initiation of Sr. Agnes Kunze and Mr. Pierre Reyneirs in the year 1962. And got its registration as KKM handweaving Society (Kuru Kshetr Mandal) in the year 1971. There are 4 projects under the KKM Society (Kuru Kshetr Mandal) i.e.- Kripaon ki Mata Leprosy Colony, Brahmapuri Rehabilitation Ashram, Navjivangram Hath Kargha Udyog & Tara Parbat Leprosy project which is in Dehradun & Tehri Garhwal Districts.

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Our Founders


12 Apr 1923 - 14 Nov 1998


8 Apr 1946 - 20 Jan 2019

Significant Change

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Story of Mr Dharmanand

Dharmanand was born in a remote Garhwal Himalayan village

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Story of Mr. Hira Singh

Hira Singh, born in the year 1924 in a village of Garhwal Himalayas,

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Story of Mrs Sah Dei

Mrs. Sah Dei was born and brought up in a remote village of Garhwal Himalayas

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Our Products

About Our Products

100% cotton hand-spun household materials. All the products shown will be available as per stock. KKM Handweaving (Kuru Kshetr Mandal) is not having any outlet, store, franchise or working partnership other than mention in the website in India.

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